Death is inevitable, and for some it comes sooner than later. Unfortunately, nobody knows when their death is near.

By making a will, you can make sure you leave your precious and valuable belongings to those dearest to you after your death. Disputes over the distribution of an estate after a person’s death is not uncommon, and by leaving a will you can make your wishes clear to avoid any potential and costly disputes after your death.

Making a will is simple in most cases, but can be a little more complicated when you have issues like inheritance tax implications to consider.

Our solicitors can help with drafting a will to suit your needs. We also help with inheritance tax considerations and make sure your loved ones benefit fully from what you leave behind to them.

Our fees:

Our fee for drafting a simple will is £100 plus VAT.

Obtaining Grant of Representation
Our fee for assisting with obtaining a Grant of Representation for small estates with a value of less than £375,000, and where the deceased left a will be in the sum of £500.

Where the deceased did not leave a will, our costs for obtaining a grant of representation, will be payable in the sum of £125 per hour, although for small estates and uncontested estates fixed fees can be agreed (this can ranged from £500 depending on the nature of the case). The total costs payable will depend on the number of hours spent dealing with the case. Time spent includes calls made and received, attendances, letters written, consideration and preparation of the file and costs can be broken down in the sum of £12.50 per 6 minutes spent on each task.

Fees indicated above do not includes disbursements (e.g. Court fees) and these will have to be paid in addition.

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